Welcome to The Robolinux UNTRACKABLE Series 11 Project

Please help Robo build 3 CRITICAL Series 11 operating systems

People don't want to be contact traced, tracked or force vaccinated!

Latest Action: 	House - 05/01/2020 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
H.R.6666 - COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act116th Congress (2019-2020)
May 1, 2020

After discovering the TRUTH about H.R. 6666 & ID2020 here's what I'm doing about it:

Since I am a follower of our Father in Heaven (whose real name is YHWH) I decided I must help as many people as I can by working 18-20 hours a day from the jungle in Cambodia, coding 3 brand new UNTRACKABLE Robolinux series 11 PC Linux operating systems and providing an UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE Mobile Phone UBports RoboPhone Series 11 you can get NOW!

Robo's Series 11 UNTRACKER PC & Phone Operating Systems eliminate Contact Tracing!
The Robo Untracker also runs on hundreds of Linux Operating systems too!

The Robolinux UNTRACKABLE Series 11 operating systems

click below to install the Robo UNTRACKER into your favorite Linux Distro!

The Robo UNTRACKER runs on all systemd Linux Operating Systems

The Bill Gate's vaccination is designed to inject you with ID2020 which is the "Mark of the Beast". The clear proof can be found in the links below. Contact tracing is the way the Governments will force you to take this Covid vaccination by saying you were near someone who has the FAKE Covid virus. So in order to prevent that from happening your PC and phone need to be untrackable and untraceable. Robolinux series 11 will make your PC untrackable, you should consider getting rid of your Android or iPhone, or at least never take it out of your house. The best solution is to buy a Phone which runs UBports OS and runs the Robo UNTRACKER series 11 on it. and therefore cannot be traced or tracked.

Get your untrackable untraceable Linux Mobile Phone today!
with the UBports OS and the Robo UNTRACKER App you will be able to download on to it.

click on the links below to see the proof about the Covid virus HOAX!

SAY NO TO H.R. 6666 & ID2020!

Bill Gates the PEDOPHILE admits HARMING little children!

Please help my family survive so I can finish this very important work.

Warmest regards and may YHWH bless you and your family.

I invite you to email me or call me anytime. Crystal clear voip at 678-701-8518

International users please email me your encrypted Wire App address


John aka Robo

The Light has exposed the Darkness!

Every day the world is learning more and more about Bill Gates and his PROVEN crimes against tens of thousands of innocent little children and millions of people in India and Africa! His family relatives who created the Federal Reserve, His connections to the Rockefeller Family and other horribly evil people and entities.

Watch these videos below which expose the facts about How Bill Gates paid billions of dollars to control the World Health Organization, The CDC, ABC News, The BBC, NGO's and more organizations so he could FORCE over 7 billion people in the World to pay for his his unecessary dangerous "Mark of The Beast" Vaccines!

Bill Gates admits on CNBC TV he's making 20:1 = 200 BILLION Investing in Vaccinations!

How Bill Gates Monopolized GLOBAL HEALTH

The truth about Bill Gates' Vaccination CRIMES!

Who controls the Gates family?

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