Helping Robolinux stay in business costs you NOTHING!

As you may know on January 3rd, 2018 all Robolinux Software (worth $120) was offered completely Free because you asked us to make everything Free.

Here is what happened: Tens of thousands of people downloaded our FREE software. They also got FREE Tech Support and Robolinux received very few donations to help us stay in business.

So then Robolinux tried to generate some funds from banner advertising and for a few days people started clicking on our Sponsors Ad banners and we were hopeful.

Unfortunately over the past few weeks you People don't seem to care about helping Robolinux stay in business!

If you do want Robolinux to stay in business please remember to take 2 seconds of your time to support our Sponsors by clicking on our Ad banners.

This costs you absolutely nothing!

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