Announcing Robolinux 9.3 Versions
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Robolinux is pleased to announce its new Cinnamon & Mate 3D 9.3 LTS 2021 versions release. The main focus on these upgraded versions was a redesign and overhaul of the one click Robolinux Auto Upgrade code so that it could handle more complex and frequent updates and upgrades. But instead of releasing a boring new version Robolinux listened carefully to its Users to find out what they wanted in version 9.3

The feedback we received is privacy is becoming more and more important to our Users so the Robolinux 9.3 versions come with an optional one click installer for the 64 bit Opera browser + VPN which is FREE for life and doesn’t require a login, nor does it store any log files and has data centers in North & South America, Europe and Asia. Robolinux is hosting the 53 MB Opera installer to maximize the download speed. Our Users also asked for a 64 bit Google Earth Pro and a 64 bit Google Chrome installer so we added those to the FREE one click App Installers menu option too. Since our FREE Stealth VM & C Drive to VM packages are fully integrated into VirtualBox which frequently releases new versions we added an apt repository along with GPG keys for VirtualBox. This prevents our Users from having a broken virtual machine due to an outdated version of VirtualBox. In addition we upgraded the Linux kernel and included important upstream security and application updates along with VirtualBox 5.2.12, Firefox 60.0.1, and Thunderbird 52.8.0

Existing Robolinux Cinnamon & Mate 3D 9.2 Users can upgrade with ease to the new 9.3 version in just one click by using the built in Robolinux "Auto Upgrade" menu option.

One click Robolinux Auto Upgrader Menu option

MAKEUSEOF Review April 20th, 2018
By Moe Long

"While switching from Windows to Linux carries several considerations, it is simple enough to ease the transition. But what is the best version of Linux for Windows users?

Robolinux is an operating system that targets Windows users who want to start learning and using Linux as painlessly as possible. In this article, we will cover what Robolinux is, how to install it, and more."

The Robolinux 9.3 versions focus on Privacy and were built with highly stable Ubuntu & Debian source code, delivering exactly what our Users want which is a blazing fast Linux OS that runs Windows XP, 7 & 10 natively inside it.

The Robolinux Cinnamon & Mate 3D 9.3 versions come with our Users favorite apps already installed such as Stealth VM for Free, the newest Firefox, Thunderbird, Virtualbox, Gimp, Libre Office 5, Nemo file Manager, Deluge torrent downloader, Open VPN, VLC, Rhythmbox, Kazam screen recorder, Synaptic, Gparted, Brasero DVD Burner plus a few very popular utilities.

The built in optional one click app installers include: C Drive to VM, Tor Browser, Tor Chat, BleachBit, Wireshark, I2P, Clam AntiVirus, Steam, Opera, Google Earth Pro and Google Chrome.

We are certain you will be impressed and thrilled with our two new Robolinux 9.3 versions.

Download Robolinux Mate 3D Series 9   Download Robolinux Cinnmon

To download the new Robolinux 9.3 Versions FREE! click on the Robolinux logos above!

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Another Robolinux 5 Star Review

"Linux Insider" gave Robolinux a glowing Four Star Review: The story was quickly picked up by dozens of online publications all over the world.

Robolinux provides its Users with FREE expert Tech Support with a two hour MAX response time. This is far more efficient than Forum based support.

The Robolinux C: Drive to VM Support Package is on many TV Stations all over the World!

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Saves You 8 hours+ of hard work installing Windows & your Software programs from scratch! This is perfect for Users with Windows OEM XP & 7 Disks that don't install in a VM! You can also put your C: Drive VM inside any Linux PC or laptop you want to.Supports all 500 Linux Operating Systems!

Download The Robolinux C: Drive to VM Support Package absolutely 100% FREE!

$20 Value

Robolinux Stealth VM For Linux Mint & Ubuntu April 9th, 2014:

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Windows XP expires April 8th 2014

Robolinux is the perfect solution for Microsoft Windows XP Users who cannot or do not want to Windows 10.

Windows 7 viruses and malware   Windows 10 viruses and malware

Robolinux also benefits hundreds of millions of Windows 7 & 10 Users who are fed up with Microsoft Windows Viruses and Malware!

Robolinux provides you with exactly what you need, because with Robolinux now You can run your Windows applications natively inside Robolinux without any anti-virus anti-malware software or Microsoft Windows security updates.Keep reading to see how we do this!

Robolinux Cinnamon Raptor running Stealth VM Software

Robolinux is the only Linux OS that provides One click Windows VM Installers and Stealth VM Software . So now you don't need to worry about viruses or malware attacking Windows or your data because Robolinux keeps a protected clone of Windows, all its updates and your Windows software programs plus your shared Windows data folder which is mirrored and protected inside a stealth VM Data partition. Robolinux is ideal for stand alone PC's and laptops.

A Windows virus cannot access a virtual machine backup file inside a Linux partition. Nor can a Windows virus access the Robolinux stealth VM Data Sync directory that is not shared with the Windows VM.

Robolinux Stealth VM Software Tools

The "Robolinux Stealth VM Software" makes it impossible for a virus or malware to infect your shared Windows data files because Robolinux mirrors a clean copy of your shared VM Data automatically in a protected VM Data clone partition that no Windows virus can access ever! This is because while you are running Windows in the VM, the Robolinux secure mirror is not syncing your Linux-Windows shared data folder.

Windows Viruses and Malware cannot access or attack Linux file systems.

There is more good news! Robolinux saves you lot's of money every year! You will instantly save hundreds of dollars since you no longer need Windows anti-virus, anti-malware or registry cleaner software anymore! Further, imagine never having to pay your local PC Repair shop to fix a virus on your PC or laptop ever again!

Auto Find & Install WIFI & VIDEO Drivers now!

The Robolinux OS download includes complete access to our extensive but easy to follow "Download" instruction webpages, pdf's, video tutorials, FAQ webpages and FREE expert Tech Support.

Internet connection unstable? Then download Uget Downloader, it's Free

IMPORTANT! Download Uget before you download Robolinux it has pause & resume downloads. Supports Windows & Linux.

The Newest Robolinux Raptor 9.3 LTS (2021) Series Versions

Download Robolinux Mate 3D Series 9   Download Robolinux Cinnmon

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Robolinux Raptor 8.10 LTE (2020) Versions
The OS installer is now built into all live versions

Compatibility Warning: Some PC's & Laptops with video cards manufactured before 2008 are no longer supported in the Robolinux 8 Raptor series LTS 2020 (i.e. Debian 8). However the Robolinux series 9 Operating Systems LTS 2021 do still support these old video cards.

Download Robolinux Cinnmon   Download Robolinux Mate

Download Robolinux Xfce V8   Download Robolinux LXDE V8

Get One VPN Account for All your Internet Devices

Download The Robolinux C: Drive to VM Tech Support Package for FREE!

Please note: The C Drive to VM for Win 7 works on Windows 10 as well.

Saves you 8+ hours of hard work installing Windows & your Software programs from scratch!
This is perfect for Users with Windows OEM XP, 7 & 10 Disks that don't install in a VM!

Download the Robolinux Stealth VM Software Installer for FREE!

All Stealth VM Versions support Windows XP, 7 & 10. Please click on the banner or download button below which supports your Linux OS

For Robolinux series 8 & 9 Operating Systems only

Download The Robolinux Stealth VM Software

For all Linux Mint Operating System Editions

Download The Robolinux Stealth VM Software for Linux Mint

For all Debian & Ubuntu Operating System Versions & Variants

Download The Robolinux Stealth VM Software for Ubuntu

For OpenSuse & all RPM Operating Systems

Download The Robolinux Stealth VM Software for OpenSuse

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