Robolinux 11.11 Major Overhaul
Upgrade + FAAST Boot App!

Robolinux FAAST Boot!

For many months now Robolinux Users have asked for a faster boot up time.

So all three 11.11 versions went through a major overhaul of removing and rebuilding code that resulted in a whopping 400 megabyte iso size reduction in the Cinnamon and Mate 3D versions. It was during this rigorous total rewrite project that Robolinux invented "FAAST Boot" which also works on all systemd Linux operating systems.

FAAST Boot is a new innnovative application that uses a non invasive specialized diagnostic software tool to generate a unique custom hand coded FAAST Boot Installer tar file so the user can safely reduce their operating system boot up time to an average of only 5 to 7 seconds without breaking their Linux Operating System.

The Robolinux 64 bit UNTRACKER Series 11 Cinnamon, Xfce & Mate 3D desktop versions are powered by the Linux kernel 5.4 version which is the exact same kernel used in Ubuntu 20.04 that increases performance, stability, and security improvements, whilst providing support for more hardware such as Intel’s newly-announced 11th generation Core processors, upcoming AMD processors & GPUs, and other peripherals. This means that all three Robolinux Series 11 versions now work with even more computers and devices.

For complete FAAST Boot details please visit

The Robolinux 64 bit UNTRACKER Series 11 Operating Systems also come with the built in Robo UNTRACKER which makes it impossible for a PC or Laptop to be contact traced or tracked because it automatically changes all of your MAC addresses every time you reboot, generating completely new RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet. You can even set it to change your MAC addresses once an hour or even by the minute. The Robolinux64 series 11 versions also have dozens of popular applications such as VLC, Audacious, Firefox, Thunderbird, Deluge Torrent client, Brasero CD/DVD burner, Simple Screen Recorder and VirtualBox, plus Stealth VM, C Drive to VM and many custom one click installers like Brave, Tor Browser, 12P, Tor Chat, Steam, Wireshark, Brave browser, Wire, ElectronMail and many more.

All Series 11 users can upgrade from any version to 11.11 using the Auto Upgrade Robolinux menu option.
Watch the "How to Auto Upgrade tutorial" below

Enjoy peace of mind with the Robolinux backdoor security app

Due to the recent Grub2 Bootloader vulnerability affecting billions of Linux computers and servers all three Robolinux 11.07 versions now have two powerful "Robo Backdoor security" applications with real time updates built in to quickly find out if your PC or laptop has been hijacked by any malicious known or unknown backdoor, rootkit, sniffer or exploits.

Here's how the Robo backdoor security app works

It is a fact that Spy Agencies in most countries are using Government funded backdoors and rootkits to hack into peoples computers, laptops and phones, so Robolinux has provided a really powerful solution so you can have peace of mind.

The first step is finding out if a known or unknown backdoor, rootkit, sniffer or any exploit has infected your machine. If the Robo backdoor security app finds one then you should contact Robolinux immediately so Robo can help you get rid of it fast!

The Robo backdoor security application requires a custom configuration file on each machine because every PC or laptop has different configurations and software installed on it, which means there will be false positives that must be filtered out using a custom configuration file that is hand coded by Robo just for you. The custom Robo backdoor security installer provides you with a custom whitelist so you do not get any false positives.

After activating the Robo backdoor security app you can find out in seconds if your PC or laptop has been compromised. You should run the Robo backdoor security app frequently so you can have peace of mind.

Here's why the Robo UNTRACKER works

It is a fact that Google and Facebook plus many other iPhone & Android apps and even computer applications are stealing your MAC addresses and are selling your unique identity to extremely EVIL Spy Agencies and other unscrupulous entities! They cannot do this on websites you visit but they can do this when you are connected to any Wifi router anywhere, because it broadcasts your MAC addresses and your public ip address! This is how they know who you are and where you are!

The who you are is Your MAC address.
The where you are is Your ip address.

VPN's cannot prevent your internet traffic from exposing your MAC addresses while you are connected to any Wifi router even if you are using an ethernet cable and not Wifi. VPN's provide you with a random geographic ip address but cannot change your MAC addresses. When you use the Robo UNTRACKER which does change your MAC addresses, along with an encrypted VPN only then can your packets become UNTRACEABLE & UNTRACKABLE everywhere you go!

The Robo UNTRACKER creates completely new RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet by automatically changing every ethernet and Wireless MAC address in your PC or Laptop. If you want to change your MAC addresses every minute the Robo UNTRACKER can do that automatically too!

The Robo UNTRACKER installed in any Linux OS makes it impossible for a PC to be traced or tracked.

Robo UNTRACKER for all Systemd based Linux Operating Systems
click below to install it on your favorite Linux Distro!

There's even a new RoboPhone that runs the UBports mobile privacy OS with a Robo UNTRACKER App you will be able to download!

The RoboPhone is a custom generic quad core ARM phone with very good specs built in Asia. (please see the phone specifications and a photo of the Manufacturers factory below). Each RoboPhone comes with the most current updateable Linux based open source UBports Privacy Mobile OS version (Originally created & funded by Ubuntu) with many downloadable free Apps you can install on the phone. The huge advantage to these phones is the built in hardware switch for GPS, Wifi, Camera and microphone, which is how you can stop being tracked by Contact Tracers and Spy agencies such as the NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, Massad and other highly unscrupulous corporations such as Google and Facebook etc.

In addition the user can quickly and easily replace the Samsung 3000 mAh battery by removing the back of the phone like the good old days.

It also supports fast charging and it even has Wifi hotspot capability.

These phones are sold to companies who want to sell private label mobile phones so they can pre-install their own NON Google & NON Apple operating systems and applications. Then they put their own names on them. Eventually Robolinux will put the "RoboPhone" name plate onto these phones when we can afford to make and ship them to the manufacturer's factory.

Order your untrackable & untraceable RoboPhone today!

RoboPhone Series 11 Version

RoboPhone Series 11 Specifications

The Manufacturing facility where the custom phones are made in Asia

RoboPhones are manufactured in Asia

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Series 11 One click Apps installers

Private Internet Access

One account protects your PC, laptop, Phone, Tablet and TV too.


Text, voice, video and media on Wire are always end-to-end encrypted 1:1 and in groups, so all your conversations are secure and private. Conversations are available on multiple devices and platforms without weakening security.


ElectronMail is an Electron-based unofficial desktop client for ProtonMail ( The app aims to provide enhanced desktop user experience enabling features that are not supported by the official in-browser web clients.

Brave browser

The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience that saves data and battery life by blocking tracking software.

Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

i2p is an implementation of an anonymous, de-centralized network. Over a single layer, applications transmit anonymous and secure messages to one other. All communications are encrypted end-to-end, and 4 layers of encryption surround the sending and receiving of messages. Every client application uses its own i2p router to establish a number of in-bound and out-bound tunnels to other applications, and these peers pass messages to/from the client. Each peer on the i2p network selects the length of his tunnels; The longer the tunnel, the greater the anonymity but the higher the latency and the lower the throughput. Hence, there is a trade-off between anonymity and high(er) latency AND low(er) throughput. Initially - when a client attempts to contact its peers, a distributed hash table (DHT) containing the details of connected peers, is queried, but no further queries are required to establish subsequent connections. So, the i2p queries - for bringing about connections - differ both from Tor's hidden services and clearnet DNS.

i2p is rumored to have a higher network latency but to be more capable of preserving a user's anonymity than Tor's hidden services. However - regarding the latter point, there is fierce dispute. On i2p, peers communicate over many protocols, including http, IRC and BitTorrent. Finally, i2p domains are assigned the pseudo (non-routable) Top Level Domain (TLD) of .i2p, and to connect to them, a proxy is required.

Tor Anonymous Browser

Tor protects privacy in communications via a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents anybody watching Internet connections from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the visited sites from learning your physical location. Tor works with web browsers, instant messaging programs, remote login clients, and many other TCP-based applications.

Tor Anonymous Chat

TorChat is a peer to peer instant messenger with a completely decentralized design, built on top of Tor's location hidden services, providing strong anonymity while being very easy to use Top most relevant feature TorChat claims, above from text messaging and file sending, rest on the difficulty someone would experiment trying to find out where you are communicating from In the condition someone might be observing you and sniff your internet traffic connection, the person will have a high degree of difficulty in finding out: - Where your contacts are located - To whom you are sending or receiving from - What you send or receive, as everything is end-to-end encrypted.


BleachBit deletes unnecessary files to free valuable disk space, maintain privacy, and remove junk. It removes cache, Internet history, temporary files, cookies, and broken shortcuts. It handles cleaning of Adobe Reader, Bash, Beagle, Epiphany, Firefox, Flash, GIMP, Google Earth, Java, KDE,, Opera, RealPlayer, rpmbuild, Second Life Viewer, VIM, XChat, and more. Beyond simply erasing junk files, BleachBit wipes free disk space (to hide previously deleted files for privacy and to improve compression of images), vacuums Firefox databases (to improve performance without deleting data), and securely shreds arbitrary files.


Steam ( is a software content delivery system developed by Valve software ( There is some free software available, but for the most part the content delivered is non-free. This package comes with a fairly substantial non-free license agreement that must be accepted before installing the software. If you have any opposition to non-free work, please select "I DECLINE" during the package installation dialogs. There are also additional agreements in various parts of the application that differ from the original agreement. In other words, pay attention and read carefully if you're worried about your rights.


A powerful network packet analyzer & sniffer tool that captures and analyzes packets off the wire. Wireshark can decode many protocols.

Robolinux also offers Global Private Internet Access For All of Your Internet Devices!

Protect Your Privacy & Say Goodbye to the NSA!

No saved log files for the NSA to snoop!

Dozens of Gateways all over the World!

Up to 190 Gigabit speeds per Gateway!

Stops ISP Torrent Throttling!

No Bandwidth Limits!

Now you can protect Your PC, laptop, Phone, Tablet, TV & Gaming console too!

In fact anything you own that is connected to the internet can now be protected with just one VPN Account!

The Robolinux VPN is fully integrated to a Global Private Internet Access Provider and takes less than 30 seconds to set up!

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