Robolinux needs a small tip from you or we have to unplug our servers on January 15th, 2018

As you know on January 3rd, 2018 all Robolinux Software was offered completely Free to YOU!

Here is what happened: You got your FREE software and did NOT even leave us a penny tip!

The fact is that over 250,000 Robolinux Stealth VM, C Drive to VM, App Installers and Operating Systems were downloaded resulting in a huge bandwidth bill we cannot pay.

Put yourself in our shoes for just one second!

It is economically impossible for us to pay for the Robolinux servers bandwidth and infrastructure with not so much as even one person supporting Robolinux!

Robolinux even tried to generate some funds from banner advertising, but NOT EVEN ONE of you people clicked on any of our sponsors banners!

The Obvious Solution:

Click the "Tip" button below and make at least a $2 tip so Robolinux does not have to shut down on January 15th 2018!

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