Now you can boot up in 5 - 7 seconds

Robo FAAST Boot for all Linux Operating Systems

Linux Operating system kernels and system files have become much larger, far more complex and extremely versatile, which has made them boot up way slower than the old days when Linux was first available to the public. There are now at least 20 different Linux UI Desktops and over 100,000 Linux software applications. To decrease boot up time requires a serious expert who knows what slows down Linux and how to safely and carefully configure and tweak hundreds of low level system files so your machine can boot up to ten times faster.

Without FAAST Boot your machine most likely takes at least one minute or more to boot up. With FAAST Boot it will take only 5 to 7 seconds!

Don't believe it? Then watch the FAAST Boot video for 100% proof!

Robolinux Users click on your Series 11 Desktop version below

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Or click below to install Robo FAAST Boot in your favorite Linux Distro!

Robo FAAST Boot runs on all systemd Linux Operating Systems

If you don't see your Linux OS Robo FAAST Boot works if your OS has /etc/systemd directory

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