Robolinux 12 White Hat Versions

Welcome to The Robolinux White Hat Series 12 LTS - 2025
UEFI & Legacy BIOS Compatible Versions

Today Robolinux just like Red Hat provides its base series 12 Linux operating systems you can download freely while also offering its users optional 12+ advanced upgrades and software for an annual software subscription fee at a fair and reasonable price.

The Robolinux White Hat Series 12 versions available in Cinnamon, Mate & Xfce desktop flavors, were built from scratch using Ubuntu 20.04 source code. This was a rigorous seven month development cycle which provides our users with rock solid Long Term Support versions good through 2025! Series 11 users will need to perform a fresh install. If a user needs migration support from an 11 series version to 12, they can reach out to Robolinux for help using the contact form on the website.

The Robolinux 64 bit series 12 Cinnamon, Mate & Xfce desktop versions have built in one click video, Wifi & printer driver installation support and are powered by the Linux kernel 5.4 version in Ubuntu 20.04 that increases performance, stability, and security improvements, whilst providing support for more hardware such as the newly-announced 11th generation Intel Core processors, upcoming AMD processors & GPUs, and other peripherals. This means that all three Robolinux series 12 versions now work with even more computers and devices.

You will notice that each ultra fast and sleek series 12 desktop version has been highly optimized with small 1.2GB - 1.7GB iso download file sizes and the same modern ARC icons. Further to reduce bloat, only a minimal number of essential applications are included: Firefox, Deluge torrent client, GIMP, Shotwell, Atril PDF Viewer, Brasero, vlc, Audacious, gparted, synaptic, System cleaner, htop, a calculator, a text editor & Screenshot.

You will find a blue Robolinux 12+ launcher on each FREE 12 series Desktop offering Users an optional one click upgrade path to 12+ which provides you with a plethora of innovative advanced privacy applications, extremely popular one click app installers, monthly custom updates & upgrades.

Privacy is now a matter of life and death!

Today You need to be 100% Untrackable, Untraceble & Anonymous on the internet!

#1 Get a Debian based RoboPhone v12-2 which has the Robo UNTRACKER!
(Works with all mobile phone GSM Simm cards in every country!)

#2 Get The Robolinux White Hat 12+ Upgrade to eliminate Evil
Contact Tracing and Tracking with the Robo UNTRACKER!

(Also get Stealth VM, C Drive to VM plus FAAST Boot
Backdoor security and many critical privacy apps
only available in the Robolinux 12+ Upgrade)

Get Robolinux 12+ Now & SAVE A WHOPPING $180

SALE Expires September 29th, 2021

Or Pay $60 with Bitcoin: 3FozLySsaoJ5Swb6qhYXJxuNDLMnSFZFcX

Get a Robolinux White Hat Series 12+
Click here to get Your Robolinux White Hat 12+ Upgrade

#3 Get the VPN Robo knows is the best one on earth!


Robolinux White Hat series 12 LTS - 2025
UEFI & Legacy BIOS Versions

v12.10 released August 27th, 2021

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Download the Robolinux Cinnmon series 12 Version
Download the Robolinux Mate series 12 Version
Download the Robolinux Xfce Series 12  Version

Robolinux Phone, Remote & eMail Support Packs

Option One: 1 Hour of Phone, Remote & eMail Support for only $50 + $2.95 Paypal Fee.

Or $50 in Bitcoin: 3FozLySsaoJ5Swb6qhYXJxuNDLMnSFZFcX

Option Two: 3 Hours of Phone, Remote & eMail Support for only $120 + $5.95 Paypal Fee
[This option is for organizations or Companies requiring extended Support]

Or $120 in Bitcoin: 3FozLySsaoJ5Swb6qhYXJxuNDLMnSFZFcX

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